Moodle End Of Life

Canvas has been selected as our new learning management system LMS and we are progressing through the Canvas Implementation Project which is migrating courses over from Moodle ( to our Canvas instance hosted by Instructure. To be able to retire our Moodle servers and not have courses in two different learning management systems, we need to migrate the ongoing courses that currently reside on 

Moodle courses will be retained through the 17-18 school year in Read Only mode. Please move or backup your existing Moodle courses to Canvas. Any unused courses can be deleted upon request. 

Moodle has been our LMS of choice since 2008 and we have had several generations of the platform. The LMS landscape has evolved over the years and now Canvas has been selected as our new LMS moving forward. Canvas is a more modern and integrated platform. Please have your Moodle courses migrated by September 15th, 2017. 


Thank You.